Prevention & HIV

COGAM's Prevention Group

Fighting against AIDS is a priority for COGAM. Either offering support and services, implementation of prevention projects or claiming the end of discrimination for HIV positive gay men. See below what can we do for your health and how can we help you.

Some of our goals:

- Giving information on HIV, sexual transmission infections and safer sex between men and between women.

- Facilitate access to condom and lubricant

- Supporting to sorting out difficulties related to condom use

- Supporting to sorting out difficulties related to relations with health professionals

- Giving information on HIV testing and STI vaccinations

- Fighting discrimination of HIV positive gay men inside and outside the gay scene.

We are interested in promoting healthier habits and behaviours, within a focus of wide sexual health, including biological, psychological, emotional and cultural aspects. The frame is a non-guilty understanding of sexuality and the promotion of a gay and lesbian identity, widely understood, on positive terms and open to difference.

You can read preventive information (in Spanish) in some of the publications you will find at our website (see "documentos").

We don’t have a meeting day. We are here daily . So, you can always reach us. You just have to phone 91 522 45 17 or write us. We shall contact you back very soon

These are the services we offer you at COGAM’s Prevention Group:

1. Condoms and lubes, at our office and pubs . Reparto de preservativos y lubricantes, tanto dentro de nuestro colectivo como a bares.

Morning and Evening. Monday to Friday. José Manuel

Pubs, saunas, parties, etc. get in touch with José Manuel or Alberto in the mornings: 91 522 45 17

2. Safer sex workshops .

Info. Alberto / Marisa

91 522 45 17 or email, (use "contacto" at this website )

3. Individual counselling, advice, etc . Alberto / Marisa91 522 45 17 (morning and evening) and "contacto" at this website . You can also visit us: C/ Infantas 40, 1º dcha.

4. Too afraid of HIV test, STI test, medical consultation? We can go with you

(Alberto / Marisa91 522 45 17 )

5. Support group for gay men. Friday from 18.00 to 20.00 h. More info, phone, write or visit us.

You can also see a sample of our campaigns, publications and activities at our website.These below are some other things we are doing.

1. Participation and monitoring research on gay men sexual behaviour in collaboration with Health Authorities and other institutions.

2. Networking with other LGTB organisations both local and nacional through the Platforms MAS MADRID, FELGT and “Cuidate” campaign.

If you want to collaborate in any of these, no not doubt in getting in contact with us, either by telephone or e-mail. Any collaboration is welcome, any day, any time… There is always something to do!

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